Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free tour before I commit?

Yes! Please contact us via email info@theironoffice.com or on our Instagram @theironofficegym to schedule a tour.

If you would like to train after your tour you will need to purchase a day pass or membership.

Is this gym open to the public?

The Iron Office is not open to the public.

Access is only allowed to current members, with an active membership, for the purpose of training and exercising.

How do I access the gym if the door is locked?

All members and Day Pass holders receive a Bluetooth token through our GymMaster app. Once enrolled you can tap the check in feature near our front door for entry. Join or Purchase a Day Pass to receive a download link.

What are your open gym hours?

All current and valid memberships or day passes allow you to use the gym 24/7.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please refer to our cancellation policy and or your membership agreement.

Cancellation Policy

Why is this gym so expensive?

We don't think our prices are expensive!

Our members believe in the value of our gym and voted us the Best Fitness Center in Central California because of our top class equipment, smaller crowds, and ability to train among some of the best athletes in the world!

We have grown into a community that promotes each others' success in all aspects of fitness. We encourage one another, whether they are training for a Bodybuilding Show, Powerlifting Meet, School Sports, or Overall Better Health.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for all Military Members, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, and College Students

What equipment do you have?

We have training equipment from some of the top brands in the world to include:

Arsenal Strength
Hammer Strength
Life Fitness
Rogue Fitness

Our equipment varies from:

50+ Exercise Machines
2 Cable Multi Jungle Gyms
9+ Squat Racks
8 Powerlifting Combo Racks
Dumbbells up to 200lbs
100 Foot Long Athletic Turf
Echo Bikes
and more...

Can members bring a guest?

Members are NOT allowed to bring a guest to the gym. Anyone wanting to tour the facility must contact us directly or purchase a day pass through our member portal.

Members bringing in an unauthorized guest may be charged a $50 fee without notification and possible membership termination.

How old do I have to be to train at The Iron Office?

Children ages 7-15 require parent or guardian's direct supervision. Parent or guardian must also be a member and are required to sign a waiver for the child under a shared membership.

Children 16-17 must have parent or guardian sign liability waiver. Parent or guardian signing the liability waiver must present proof of relation and personal identification on child's first day at The Iron Office.

Parents or guardians bringing children of any age into the gym do so at their own risk and should not allow child to be on or near any equipment or near other members.

Do you allow filming at the gym?

We allow filming in the gym with any phone or camera as long as you or your equipment are not in the way of other members.

Small tripods are allowed but strobes or video lights are not allowed without prior approval. Please contact management if you would like to schedule a time to use lights for your content.

Any intentional filming of another member, staff, or guest without their consent may result in termination of your membership and permanent ban from The Iron Office.

Photos in the locker room or restrooms are not allowed and may result in termination of your membership and permanent ban from The Iron Office.

I am not working out, do I need a day pass?

EVERYONE must purchase a day pass if they are not a member and would like to visit our gym for any reason.

Example Scenarios:

"I just want to hang out with my friend while they workout"

"I am only here to shoot some photos of my friend/client"

"My child didn't have school today and wants to work out with me"

Am I allowed to bring my dog or pet in the gym?

Only Service Animals are allowed in the gym (does not include emotional support animals).

What amenities do you offer?

Some of the amenities members have access to are:

Traditional Dry Sauna
3,000 Square Feet of Athletic Turf
Theragun and Hypervolt Massage Guns
Full Boxing Gym with Ring
Cold Plunge Tub

Am I allowed to offer Training or other Personal Services at the gym?

Personal training and any other professional services may not be offered by any member of The Iron Office.

Approved Independent Trainers are available on site and their contact information can be found here.